Eurostar’s Corporate Responsibility

As a responsible Corporate citizen we support social wellbeing, industry beneficiation and other activities. Eurostar Diamond upholds the highest global standards for workplace and environmental ethics.

Integrity is sacred to us. We promise you total integrity from sourcing to delivery. Our business is transparent and pure, we follow a respectable list of grading and certification commitments reflecting a highly professional and ethical working environment.




As a DTC Sightholder, Eurostar Diamond is subjected to Best Practice Principles (BPP) ensuring that the organisation is run in the most ethical and professional manner. This means that every Eurostar diamond is guaranteed 100% Kimberly Process Compliant.

Eurostar Diamond is a member of the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices (CRJP), another sign of our commitment to promoting and implementing ethically, socially and environmentally responsible practices throughout the diamond and jewellery supply chain.

  • Every diamond undergoes over 32 quality control procedures before it reaches the marketplace.
  • Independent certification from GIA, AGL, HRD, and IGI is available for total confidence. 
  • Eurostar Diamond is certified compliant with the ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards as established by the Responsible Jewellery Council’s Member Certification System.


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A commitment to charity

Eurostar Diamond contributes annually to the Jewelers for Children Fund, a charitable organisation that has generated over $37m to benefit children in need. 

In China, Eurostar Diamond offered a nursery to the CongHua village, which takes care of approximately 250 children. 

Eurostar Diamond Botswana is committed to doing its part in the country's battle against poverty. At present, it sponsors the Gamodubo local orphanage and provides daily meals for over 100 children. The Gamodubo day care centre is a non-governmental organisation run by local volunteers to help orphans and vulnerable children. To promote the culture of reading at an early age, Eurostar Botswana has also constructed a library at the centre.

Eurostar sponsors community care as in the case of the Botswana Retired Nurses Society (BORNUS), a non-governemental, non-profit organisation built on the premise of selflessness and volunteerism. BORNUS are entirely community oriented and have a wealth of knowledge and experienced nurses and social workers who provide expert care and develop skills for self-sustenance.








Responsible Jewellery CouncilCRJP

Responsible Jewellery Council Members are committed to promoting responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices in a transparent and accountable manner throughout the industry from mine to retail. Their commitment aims to reinforce consumer and stakeholder confidence in jewellery products, strengthen and protect the reputation and the integrity of the jewellery industry through the RJC certification standards (RJC Member Certification and RJC Chain of Custody Certification).


JFCJewelers for Children



Best Practice Principles

De Beers’ Best Practice Principles are more than just a set of ethical guidelines. They are an independently monitored framework for all of their business activities and those of their major suppliers and contractors. They ensure that consumers can be confident that international ethical, social and environmental standards have been met in the production of De Beers diamonds.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

KPCS was established in 2003 to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the mainstream rough diamond market.