Eurostar Diamond wholesale and diamond manufacturing company.

Pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that the world cannot take its eyes off you.

Eurostar Diamond Traders. A passion for the perfect diamond.

Our mission is to guarantee you the very best diamonds. As one of the world’s leading diamond wholesalers and diamond manufacturers, we aim to deliver the highest possible value to all our stakeholders: from customers to suppliers to employees, wherever they may be in the world. Our goal is to continue to shape and lead the global diamond market. By striving to outperform both ourselves and our competitors every day. By doing everything we do with the same passion and enthusiasm. And by setting the highest standards based on our core values: Excellence - Innovation - Client Focus - True Purity. It is these values that enable us to achieve our mission time and time again, to build long-term relationships of trust and to drive both our business and yours beyond the limits.

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